Posted by: mihaispr | February 28, 2011

Dur dar adevarat

Enthousiasm is different of dreams.;)

Act …don’t stay….
If you don’t give anything you’ll receive nothing.

If you don’t open your mind and soul you’ll be a bad human.

But there are a lot of selfish people in this world including boys and girls. They can go calm on their path…. I never care about them as they don’t care about anyone.

If the words aren’t completed by also good facts you’re living in vain….

I give no money on good words…but I give some money on good acts.

This is driving me crazy good words…and bad facts. And when you care someone…this hurts very bad.

Nu prostia ma scarbeste la maxim cat ipocrizia…

No one is perfect, but those who claimed that are perfect…are not…


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